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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

EnGarde Secure Linux security software

EnGarde Secure Linux is a highly-secure open source server operating system built on a foundation of Security Enhanced Linux SELinux policies. EnGarde Secure Linux incorporates security at all levels by drawing on best-of-breed open source tools like Postfix, BIND, and the LAMP stack.

The WebTool, created by Guardian Digital, is the front-end configurator used to simplify the administration of an EnGarde Secure Linux Server. It is a remote administration tool with multiple language translations that allows for a secure configuration of many of the most common secure open source programs.

EnGarde Secure Linux offers simplified and secure remote management through a custom browser-based system of administration, the Guardian Digital WebTool, and provides free access to updates and security notices through the Guardian Digital Secure Network.

EnGarde Secure Linux Community Edition 3.0 is community-based and GPL-licensed software. EnGarde Secure Linux Professional Edition 1.5 is the commercially-supported version of EnGarde Secure Linux. Both editions are sponsored, built and maintained by the development team of security specialists at Guardian Digital, Inc. of Allendale, NJ.

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