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Monday, January 29, 2007

Tipical spyware types

Tipical spyware types – groups

Spyware software can be grouped into several types. Of course, everyday with new spywere we can redefine groups, but generally here are some types where that sort of malware can be sorted:


Like for viruses, name that spywares get from researchers, no matter how people who made a spyware named it. Researchers group spyware into classes, based on similar behavior, or on money tracking. For example, many programs distributed by Claria are known like «Gator».


CoolWebSearch is software group installing through Internet Explorer hole. Spyware redirects traffic to websites advertising including Also, there are pop-up advertising, mess with search results and change hosts data to redirect DNS.

Internet Optimizer

Internet Optimizer is also known as DyFuCa. It redirects Internet Explorer error messages to advertising. When user click on unexisting link, or type unexisting url, he gets advertising. Anyway, Internet Optimizer don't allow access to password protected pages for user because password protected pages (Http basic authentication) uses same thing like HTTP errors.

180 Solutions

180 Solutions gives many information to advertisers. Info about web pages user visits, and that sort of things. 180 solutions also change HTTP calls for advertising and that way it makes big profit to 180 Solutions company. It opens pop-up ads to cover other websites.

Hunt bar

This spyware group have many names: Hunt bar, WinTools, AdWare.WebSearch, ... That's small spywere group distributed by Traffic Syndicate. It installs by ActiveX drive-by download way with other webpages or with ads showed by other spywares. This software adds toolbar in Internet Explorer, tracks browser acting, redirects user and shows ads.


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