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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spyware software symptoms

If your computer is acting strange and have one of the following symptoms – it's possible you have some spyware software on your system.

I have pop-up ads jumping up all the time

Some spyware software can force popup ads that are not in any connection with any website you are visiting that time. That's usually some adult pop-up ads or some other you don't want to see. If you have pop-ups even when you are not connected on internet, than you probably have spyware on your computer.

My setups changed and I can't get them back to normal

Some malware software can change your browser homepage and some other browser settings. When you open your web browser you see some strange webpage and you have no idea where it gets from. When you change it, on next browser opening, you have same problem. This problem is more common if you are using Internet Explorer. This kind of spyware is rare if you're using Opera or FireFox.

My web browser have some plug-ins or toolbars I didn't installed

Some spyware software can add toolbars or even some plug-in you without you knowledge. If you try to remove them and succeed, they will get back after next browser opening.

My computer works slower

Many spyware programs are using many RAM memory while they track your activity. That can slow your system very much. That can make some of your normal software or whole system breaks sometimes. If you are experiencing this problems often, try antispyware.


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