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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Things you must do if you want to avoid Spywere

Some of these adware spyware programs are harmless as they are used to track browser habits and geological location as a result are only a minor annoyances and can be cleaned from your system easily with nearly all adware remover programs. However some more infectious adware spyware programs can be potentially harmful to your pc system, your life and your bank account.

A simple solution to this is to arm yourself with an adware removal program that is capable of removing such adware spyware intrusions such as data mining, aggressive advertising tactics, Trojan's, dialers , malware ( another form of adware), tracking components, and browser hijackers.

Some survey’s recently conducted have shown that 85% of all internet users have some form of adware spyware on there computers. On average each of these computer have been infected with an average of 24 adware programs. I know I was alarmed when reading this statistic.

So what is the definition of adware, adware is considered an unreasonable advertising tactic. So how do you catch adware, it is usually installed from software that has no charge as long as you accept the adware agreement.

Adware has been typically known to install alone side such software programs as shareware and freeware. A perfect example of this is the software you install with kazaa.

When installing any programs such as these, remember nothing is for free and the supplier of the software usually has adware spyware hidden in the install file. The purpose for this is to track your movements so they can aggressively market products to you through pop-ups or browser hijacking.

Now on to spyware and this is where adware gets its bad name from. Spyware is extremely intrusive and is very similar in nature to a Trojan in this way any users installing software have no idea they have also given access to spyware.

One of the most common ways to become infected with spyware is through using peer to peer programs which are commonly file sharing or swapping programs you install on your own pc.

Spyware is an independent executable program it can monitor every keystroke on your computer, have a look at the files on your hard drives, install more malicious spyware programs and even change your home page. And while you are trying to work out what is happening all this information is being sent back to whoever created the adware spyware.

Worst case scenario is that these malicious adware spyware programs can transmit your back details and passwords back to whoever wants them.

Article Source: Antispyware articles

Ron is the webmaster and owner of Detecting adware spyware and felt the need to make every internet user aware of the growing adware and spyware threat on the internetnet today. Ron has some very simple and easy solutions to detect and remove spyware from your computer.


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