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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Microsoft antispyware download

Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta1 expires at July 31st. Upgrading is to Windows Defender Beta2. If you have instalated original Microsoft windows, you can download free Windows Defender Beta 2 from Microsoft antispyware download . It protects your computer from pop-ups, slow performance, security threats from unwanted software. Real-Time Protection.
In new version:
- Spywere detection. Quickly and easily finds spyware and other unwanted programs that can slow down your computer, display annoying pop-up ads, change Internet settings, or use your private information without your consent.
- Straightforward operation and thorough removal technology. Eliminates detected spywere easily at your direction. If you inadvertently remove programs that you actually want, it's easy to get them back.
- Scheduled scanning and removal. Runs these processes when it's convenient for you, whether it's on-demand or on a schedule that you set.


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