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Friday, June 30, 2006

Microsoft Windows Defender users reviews

1. -I'm not really sure if this program has as good detection capabilites as Ad-aware or Spybot SD...they both detected objects after scans, even though this one didn't...
Bottom line: get this program for the real time protection features and the virus detection, but also get Ad-aware and Spybot SD

2. Dont get me wrong..spyware needs to be dealt with and it is GOOD Microsoft is stepping up to the plate... It is fast at scanning your system.

3. I used MS ANTISPYWARE it was great...but this "new" version now handles things differntly. It now has 2 more running processes going on in your computer with high memory pulls! (even with the 'on time scanning' off). Also the updates are automatically with no way to do them manually (I hate automatic, calls- 'home' programs).

4. they got rid of a lot of extra features that were in the beta 1 that were useful to use. its to simple theres nothing but a scan button basically. theres no taskicon which i dont like cause i like have a reminder that its running. and even after u shut it down the process is still running.if u end its process in the task manager windows defender wont load, and then its useless. also there is no easy way to check for updates with out automatic updates on.

5. No icon in the taskbar for quick access

6. No icon anywhere really, had to go to program files and make a shortcut and paste it everywhere I wanted it.

7. It scans and prevents some spywere/adaware

8. Hidden user interface. (like the windows firewall)

9. Spyware definition updates can be downloaded through Windows Update.


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