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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Panda Global Protection 2009

Panda Security’s Collective Intelligence works as an online, real-time database that stores the majority of signature files, keeping them at a minimum on the endpoint. Every Panda user is a sensor for new malware, sending statistical data about malware prevalence back to the cloud. This new approach reduces bandwidth consumption on customers’ PCs and provides faster and more comprehensive up-to-date protection. Here's how Collective Intelligence works:


Collection of data from the community. The system centrally collects and stores behavioral patterns of programs, file traces, new malware samples, etc. This data comes from Panda users and from other organizations. This extensive capacity to collect information provides greater visibility and full traceability of new malware techniques and distribution points.

Automatic leverage of data. The system automatically analyzes and classifies the thousands of new samples received every day. To do this, an expert system correlates the data received from the user community with PandaLab’s extensive malware knowledge base. The system automatically returns verdicts (malware or goodware) on the new files received, thereby protecting users faster and better. Additionally, a constantly updated white list of over 10 million files prevents known ‘good’ files from being scanned, improving and speeding up the scanning process and minimizing the resource consumption of protected systems.

Making the knowledge and solution available. This knowledge is delivered to users as web services or through signature file updates and real-time queries to the cloud.

The Collective Intelligence approach allows detecting much more malware than the manual detection system that some laboratories use. Also, it can detect even threats not yet identified. Combining Collective Intelligence and TruPrevent technologies. Panda is capable to detect the most sophisticated malware.

TruPrevent 2.0. Current malware behavior changes constantly and consequently, proactive technologies need to be updated overtime. The new TruPrevent 2.0 has been improved and is now integrated with Panda's Collective Intelligence platform, increasing the detection rate substantially while decreasing the amount of false positives. The new TruPrevent 2.0 has increased the detection rate by 45%.

Improved Customer Experience. Panda 2009 products offer a better customer experience than before thanks to the new registration process and the new user interface. The new user interface has been built based on "Panda Security usability lab" in which users tested Panda products' usability. Furthermore, thousands of beta-testers worldwide have tested and complimented Panda's new user interface.

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